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Corrugated Beauty
4 June 2017

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Rusty Wall
20 May 2017

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Stainless-Steel Walls
30 September 2015

Recent Comments

rbassin on The Duck
belle prise, bon graphisme

L'Angevine on BIMBO Bakery
oh magnifique

L'Angevine on Browns, Reds, and Shadows
bien ce graphisme

Jean-Luc.M on Browns, Reds, and Shadows
Very graphic Well done.

L'Angevine on Three High Windows

L'Angevine on Sliding Door (North)
belle accentuation

L'Angevine on Bricked Door
bien ces murs

L'Angevine on Old Wood and Red Brick
bien ces textures

L'Angevine on Lighted Windows

L'Angevine on Door Hardware

L'Angevine on Hardware of Old Wooden Door
bien ce bois

L'Angevine on Old Wooden Sliding Door
bien ces bandes

omid on Old Wooden Sliding Door
such beautiful frame, colors, lights, shadows & graphics! Lovely textures!

L'Angevine on Orange and Yellow Lift
bien perché

L'Angevine on Lifts and Lifts

L'Angevine on Shiny Wheel
bien cette texture

Ellebelle on Shiny Wheel
This makes a great abstract!!!

L'Angevine on Red 'n Blue
bon graphisme coloré

Ehsan Hemmati on Shiny Wheel
I like the light and textures.

omid on Red 'n Blue
such beautiful frame, colors, lights & graphics!

L'Angevine on Rusty Door
bien les lignes

omid on Rusty Door
such beautiful composition, colors, textures & graphics! Amazing!

Anne on Rusty Door
Great texture.

L'Angevine on Railing

L'Angevine on Corrugated Beauty
bel effet et superbe ce rendu

Harry on Corrugated Beauty
great rust

omid on Corrugated Beauty
such beautiful composition, colors, lines & textures! Amazing!

Annima on Corrugated Beauty
Great textures!

Jeffrey on Steel-Wall Corner
It's nice to see you posting photos again ... keep it up! 8^)

L'Angevine on Steel Panels and Cross

L'Angevine on Brick-Corner

L'Angevine on Steel-Wall Corner
bien cet orangé

Ellebelle on Wall'n'Green
A great flow of colors in this neat abstract!!

L'Angevine on Wall'n'Green
belle prise

MAU on Wall'n'Green
Well seen! Simple but great. Very good.

L'Angevine on Gatepost

L'Angevine on Stainless-steel Post
superbe la mise au point

L'Angevine on Rusty Wall
superbe ce rendu

L'Angevine on Cat frontend loader

L'Angevine on Axle

L'Angevine on Guarddog
superbe travail

L'Angevine on Grid

L'Angevine on 405

Harry on 405
interesting composition of lines and shadows

omid on 405
very nice shot! such beautiful frame, lights, shadows & graphics! Lovely!

Katherine Behr on 405
Very nice choice for B&W

Daryl Johnson on Building and Fences
The light looks great in monochrome. Like that ominous atmosphere.

L'Angevine on RA Foods' Dock and Truck
bien ces couleurs

L'Angevine on Old Ford Truck Grill

Katherine Behr on Old Ford Truck Grill
A perfect candidate for B&W. Looks great!

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